Our goal at AP

John and I became friends during our times at Life Pacific College. We were in the same class since our first year, but didn’t really talk to each other. His first memory of me is embarrassing – I was known as “the dude who always came late to class” (I admit, I wasn’t a very good student back then). In contrast, I remember John always sitting in front of the class asking questions.

Around our 2nd and 3rd year, we began to see each other often because we were in the same program. Starting from Romans, Synoptic Gospels, T.A, Greek, 1 Peter, and Theology II, we started to not only share our complaints about the homework load for each class, but also our ministry and life experiences. It was almost a daily routine to compare our grades, and ask how the other person is doing. I soon found out that we are both interested in learning theology. I love discussing theology with John, which usually results in our passion to teach, and equip other people in our theological studies.

I don’t exactly remember why and how I started the conversation, but I just asked if he wanted to write a blog with me. He agreed, so we met up and started discussing what we could write about.

So, you might be wondering, “Another blog by some college dudes? This is probably going to be a collection of their rants about their church pastors and the millennials.” I hope not.

Our goal is to help people pursue Christ by sharing His Word, and our experiences.

We want to help people pursue Christ. Just as the Apostle Paul considered Christ as his greatest treasure and strained forward, and just as the man in the parable who sells everything to gain the buried treasure in the field, our hope is that this blog will encourage you to pursue one Person who really matters: Jesus Christ. By helping you pursue Christ, we also hope and pray that this blog would bring encouragements to those who are discouraged, correction for those who need to be corrected, and hope to those who are hopeless. From those who are new in their faith, to those who have been walking with the Lord for many years, we truly hope that this blog will encourage but also challenge people.

We want to help you pursue Christ by sharing His Word. As we regard the Word as our ultimate authority, we believe that God’s Word is the only thing that can help you to pursue Him. 2 Timothy 3 tells us that the Scripture is breathed out by God (3:16). And this Word, which is from God, can be used for teaching, reproofing, correcting, and training in righteousness. We not only want to share what we have learned from the Bible, but also theology that we have learned from the books, studies and discussions.

We also want to help you through sharing our experiences. This is, at least for me, something that I’m not confident of – I would like to consider ourselves pretty young (right?). We don’t have all the life experiences under our belt. We don’t know what it means to be engaged, married, or have children. We don’t know the challenges that come up with a church plant, or being hired a head pastor. But what John and I kept emphasizing to each other is that we’ve made countless mistakes that people could learn from: mistakes that hurt us, mistakes that we regret, and mistakes that still haunt us. But those kinds of mistakes, our mistakes and experiences, are the means in which God used, and still uses, to train us and help us grow. So we hope that our experiences, both successes and mistakes, can help you pursue Christ.

So that’s about it! We’re neither special nor smart. We’re not scholars who know all the details and have all the answers when it comes to theology. But we are hoping that God chooses to use us, foolish and weak, to bring glory to Himself as we pursue the One who has and will always be pursuing us.

Always pursuing,


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