Book Review: Spectacular Sins

41Btukp3kzL.jpgA small book with big truths. This has Piper written all over it and does well to summarize who Piper is about – uplifting the sovereignty of God and exalting Christ

Piper spends his first part of the book showing us the sovereignty of God over sin, and why and how that strengthens a person’s worldview. Then, he chooses certain sins in the Bible, like the Tower of Bable (my favorite chapter), Adam’s, David’s, Judas’ sins to show that their evil sins were all ordained by God, and how they glorify Jesus Christ in the end.

Near the end of the book, Piper writes, “It should matter because if God were not the main Actor in the death of Christ, then the death of Christ could not save us from our sins, and we would perish in hell forever. The reason the death of Christ is the heart of the gospel – the heart of the good news – is that God was doing it”

I loved this book – it’s not a scholarly book of the sovereignty of God. However, I loved Piper’s pastoral approach in this book and how the sovereignty of God in all “spectacular sins” bring glory to God and joy to His people. I would highly recommend this book.

Always Pursuing,

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One thought on “Book Review: Spectacular Sins

  1. Interesting. Doesn’t sound from this that it is a worldview or theology I personally would agree with but you never know….. I find the idea of a God who ordains sin difficult to reconcile with a suffering loving God who Himself died on a cross if we are to believe Jesus was not just a creation of God but God Himself. I also tend towards covenantal theology — free will and working out one’s salvation and the big “If” my people obey aspects of God’s revealed Word. I find that often people want some loophole to explain our sin and the consequences of our sin rather than understand we will in fact be judged and that grace is not free or cheap. It is however, the only way to eternity through Christ’s death and resurrection. Grace has actually always been the only way in the Judeo Christian worldview as evidenced in God’s relationship to man in the OT stories Piper evidently references. That is a far cry though from God ordaining sin in my understanding.


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