I’m no David

If you grew up in church, you’ve probably heard the story of David and Goliath. It’s a story of a little shepherd named David fighting and defeating a giant named Goliath. It’s an inspirational story at its finest and shows that when we try to fight and win for God, we will succeed.


With the story of David and Goliath, I was often taught that if my heart was set right, if I was determined to fight for God, I could overcome the “Goliaths” in my life. Any difficulties, problems, and – God forbid – people who opposed me would be defeated if I managed to set my eyes and heart on doing things for God. Just like David, everything would be made right if I could just confidently confront my Goliath.

I grew up listening to the story of David and Goliath and its lessons. And I never liked the story.

One of the reasons why I never liked the story was because I felt like I could never measure up to David. I was taught that David was around 13-16 years old when he killed Goliath. If you were to put a 13 years old Sam Koo in front of a giant, I don’t even want to imagine what I would do. I knew I could never be like David. How can I, a liar, a hypocrite, a hater, a coward, ever measure up to THE shepherd boy David? And as a kid, I felt the crushing pressure.

Even now, as a 24 year old, I feel the same way. I am no David.

But what if we are not supposed to compare ourselves to David? What if we’re putting a false expectation on ourselves?

If I can relate to anyone in that narrative, I see more of myself in the Israelites. I sit on the sideline, too afraid and scared of the enemy ahead. I stand idly, waiting for someone to fight the battle for me. I’m too weak to face my enemy. I’m powerless to go and fight. But here’s the catch – As the story goes, the Israelites win, even though they were weak, cowardly, and powerless to fight Goliath. They win because David wins the battle for them. David was the savior to their Goliath. And as David was victorious, so were they.

So who’s David? Not me! I’m certainly no David. But I know someone, a Savior, who has fought and won for me. Tim Keller said, “Jesus is the true and better David, whose victory becomes his people’s victory, though they never lifted a stone to accomplish it themselves”

I’m no David. And better yet, Christ is not David, either – He’s greater than David. Christ has won the most brutal, most heinous, most difficult battle – a battle far bigger than David’s encounter with Goliath – the spiritual separation between God and man. And His victory on the cross is given and shared with people who trust in Him.

When I see myself as a hero in the Bible, I put on myself an expectation that I would never be able to fulfill. But, when I see Christ as the hero and champion in the Bible, all I have to do is believe and trust in His work and righteousness. And by trusting in Him, I give Him the glory and gain His righteousness.

So today, I recognize I’m too weak to defeat and overcome my enemy. I’m no David. And I’m grateful for that.

Striving to pursue the greater David,


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