Book Review: The Autobiography of George Muller


This book is a great introduction to who George Muller was and what his ministry was about. As you read his own records of his life and his ministry, you could see that he truly lived out Jesus’ command of seeking the first kingdom of God and having everything else added to him.

His visible, outward expression of faith in God naturally flowed out to how he viewed the needs of his family, his ministry, and his church. He would often conceal his personal and ministry needs to others because he believed that God would provide the exact amount at the right time. And, amazingly, God did answer.

He also mentions throughout the book that our faith diminishes every time we listen and obey our own self-inclination to help ourselves and do everything on our own. This theme is important because, as readers, we get to see the progress of his faith and how God responds to his faith. The ministry needs started from shillings and pounds, and grows to hundreds and thousands of pounds as his needs grows. In response, God does provide Muller shillings, pounds, hundreds of pounds, and even up to thousands of pounds. It was encouraging to see that God provided Muller with much when He had been faithful with little.

This autobiography also teaches us that primary means in which God moves and responds to the prayers of His children are through His fellow brothers and sisters. The needs of Muller’s ministry did not suddenly fall from the sky as if God has created money out of thin air and gave it to him. Rather, God convicts fellow brothers and sisters to give graciously, joyfully and freely to serve the poor, the needy, and the weak. The same principle applies to modern believers. Learning from Muller, we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, have to respond and give joyfully when God convicts us to give to support and help those who are in need.

Finally, one small thing that we have to keep in mind is that this is an autobiography. Muller could have not recorded some needs that did not get answered. But also, Muller could have omitted some that did get answered.

Muller writes in his book, “I desire that all the children of God who read this account of God’s work in Bristol be led to trust Him for everything they need under any circumstances…” His desire has been fulfilled in me as this book has also helped my prayer life as I was greatly encouraged by George Muller’s delight in answered prayer and patience during unanswered prayers and he has modeled for me what I should do in my walk with God.

I would recommend this book as it greatly encouraged me to seek God through meditation of the Word and through personal prayer life.


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